My Paintings

I thought it might be nice to share some of the other things I've created over the years besides my cards.  Some of these paintings are from my years at the University of Calgary where I got my Fine Arts degree and some were gifts I made for family and friends.  Hope you like them!

These are more recent paintings done as gifts for friends or family or simply, just for fun.

Acrylic on canvas board.

Hand etching on mirror and acrylic.

Acrylic on canvas board.

 Oil on canvas.

Oil on canvas.

These are some of the murals and commissioned work
I have painted over the years.

Mural painted for my son in Acrylic.

Commissioned Mural in Acrylic.

 Commissioned Fireplace Screen in Acrylic.

 Commissioned Front Door Painting in Acrylic.

These paintings are from when I attended the
University of Calgary, Fine Arts Program.

A technical exercise to take a famous picture of a painting (the Degas ballerina) and make a board with it and some pieces of paper and masking tape. Then you had to make a painting that looked like the board. Oil on canvas.

Another technical exercise to broaden your horizons and push you beyond your comfort zone by limitations.  Had to chose a method of painting a postcard image.  Either finger painting, small brush, big fat brush or palette knife.  Only allowed to use that ONE tool.  I chose to finger paint.  I did not use anything but my fingers to paint this!  Acrylic on canvas.

Drawing and Painting of my maternal grandfather.  At the time I was using the chair and book as a symbol that represented myself and my grandfather has no facial features because I never knew him as he passed away before I was born.

From second year university.  Called "A Killer's Eye".  The zebra is dead and it's killers are reflected in it's eye.  (Due to quality of photo it may be hard to see.  Sorry.) Acrylic on canvas.

These two abstract paintings were from my third year in university where I was experimenting with masking using ripped masking tape, simple shapes, bright colours and large dimensions.  The first one is 6' x 6' and the second is 8' x 4'.  Both are acrylic on canvas.


  1. Wow,Kim, you are one talented Lady. These are all so creative. It is hard to choose a fav but I like the degas board and they abstract paintings are just stunning xx

  2. I'm sorry I've never noticed this before, Kim. Your paintings are spectacular!! Hugs, Darnell

  3. Brilliant work, love the zebra

  4. Just visited Peggy's Cove. Your painting of the cove is excellent! Lucky F


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