July 21, 2014

A Doggie Thank You

So, just a quick post to link up my card to CAS-ology's current challenge.  Nothing like the last minute!  I needed a card to give to my neighbour's......well, dogs.  LOL.  Recently, here in New Brunswick, we experienced the leftovers from Hurricane Arthur and the winds were so strong they toppled trees and even ripped some out of the ground.  They estimate in the Fredericton area alone about 4000 trees gone.  Crazy.  Needless, to say some of those trees found their way to lie upon or take out completely the power lines.  We were without power for about 54 hours.  Some people were out for a week.  I think there actually may be still a handful without.  Terrible.  Anyway, it was our grocery shopping weekend when it happened and we needed some dog food desperately but the stores were closed due to the power outage.  Soooo, my neighbour has two dogs, Gracie and Star, and was kind enough to give us some dog food to tide us over until we could get some.  So, I made this card for the dogs from our puppy, Summer.  Also, gave them some treats.  :-)  Here's the card...

I used an old All Night Media stamp for the dog paw prints and a NBUS Studio G thank you stamp.  Added some twine and called it done!  Thought it would be perfect for CAS-ology's challenge where their cue card is PET.

Well, that's all for now.  Have a lovely day (or night) and thanks for stopping by!  :-)


  1. Aww what good neighbors! A perfect thank you card for them. I love the touch of twine at the top! Thanks for playing along with CASology this week!

  2. I'm so glad that the 'major' impacts of the storm are over for you, and the road to 'returning to normal' is being traveled! How sweet of your neighbours to share dog food, and how incredibly sweet of you to thank them with this totally adorable card and treats! Those paw prints are just so darn cute...

  3. Wow, that was very nice of your neighbors to help you and Summer out after the storm...hope all is restored and back to normal now. This is an adorable thank you note from one puppy to two older dogs...sweet one layer beauty! Thanks for joining us at CASology this week!

  4. Kim, it was so nice of your neighbors to help out your puppy, Summer, after the storm. I hope all is well now! I adore this one layer thank you note...perfect for the occasion and for the CASology challenge this week. Thanks for playing along!

    1. I left you two comments because I liked it that much! :)
      Seriously, the first comment said "Error - Service Unavailable" when I hit enter, so I was afraid it wouldn't show up. Glad it did!

  5. Love the pops of colour on this with the black silhouettes! That sounds exactly like what happened here in Toronto over Christmas - many people lost their Christmas turkeys due to power loss! Glad you all survived ok! Thanks for joining us at CASology this week, Kim!

  6. Aw this is so cute, love the pop of colour next to the paw prints. Thank you so much for joining us this week at CASology

  7. Goodness - sounds like it has been a really difficult time. Hope things have returned to normal. Love these paw prints - a fab take on the CASology theme and the perfect thank you card!


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