July 31, 2013

Welcome New Followers!

Keeping true to my word, it's that time to welcome any new followers of my blog!  So, glad you joined us.  :-). I will always try to have a link to your blog (if you have one) when I can.  Sometimes I just can't find it.  Just like I can't find one of my new stamp sets at the moment.  I think it's a sign I need to clean up my craft desk.  Actually my whole craft area needs reorganizing.  But, I just want to make cards!!  Anyway, I've gone totally off topic.  I swear I'm like a magpie....ooh look, something shiny! LOL.  Here's all the new followers, check out their fabulous work on their blogs!

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Anyway, to welcome all you newbies, I've decided to share a painting I did.  Now, I did this back in the days of yore...LOL, okay, I'm not that old.  I painted this in my first year of University.  We were given the task of choosing one of four tools to paint with and ONLY use that tool.  Nothing else allowed.  We did some smaller test paintings to see which tool we liked best.  I chose to use my hands.  Yep, I reverted to my childhood, finger painting!  It was a blast!  But challenging too.  Here it is...

How the image was chosen was simply choosing a postcard.  That was the assignment anyway.  :-)

So, welcome and thanks for following!


  1. Great painting Kim. I never had an assignment like this one in my design school days but I'm guessing I would have chosen something much safer and boring, like a palette knife. Must have been a fun project though. Have a great weekend!

  2. Beautiful painting! The texture is phenomenal.

    Congrats on so many new followers...it's cause you're awesome!

  3. Thanks for the welcome wagon Kim!

    Super cool painting!

    I went to school briefly studying art and I could not show any painting I did, mostly figure studies! LOL.

    I have a funny story I will never,ever forget.
    When I was 19 my first husband and I had regular get togethers with Navy couples over. One gal needed to use the bathroom and the main was taken, so I led her through our bedroom to the master.
    She gasped as whe saw on the wall a watercolor large as life and the size of a head board looming above our bed of a large figured nude woman. Once she caught her breath, she said " Oh my, I would NEVER let my husband have anything like that in the house!"
    I just stood there looking quizzical and silent for a moment - finaly, getting her full attention and trying not to sound too icy, and said, I painted it.

    I did not see he much after that! TRUE STORY!
    I no longer have it hanging, though I was proud of that piece as it was in my first gallery showing. Anyways, talking of school and painting you reminded me of this. LOL!

    -Brings back school days. I excelled in figure drawing, and mixed media arts - and was lacking in watercolors..
    Have a SUPER day Kim, thanks for posting it!!


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