November 30, 2012

Craft Fair Success

So, the craft fair turned out pretty well.  I sold a lot of my ornaments.  However, I did not sell a single card.  Lots of people looking but no one buying.  Oh well.  I sold a fair amount of my gift tags though.  I said I would post some pics of ones I made so here they are:

This is only a small selection of ones I made.  There were many other designs too.  So, I will be doing the craft fairs again next year.  I made enough to make it worth it.  I also made and sold a lot of pins too.  They were quite popular.  Here are some examples:

I'll definitely make more of them.  I do have a new card to share but haven't downloaded it to my computer yet so I will have to share next time.  We just got a new laptop and are still in the process of getting it fully set up. 

Anyway, hope you all have a terrific day!

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