May 01, 2013

More Christmas Crafts

So, I haven't been able to get any time to work on cards for a bit.  Been spending a fair amount of time outside with my son playing, getting the garden ready and just enjoying the gorgeous weather.  My husband set up a little raised bed garden for my son (who is five) this year to grow his own vegetables.  He's quite excited but doesn't quite understand it takes time for things to grow.  He looks at his garden every day.  LOL.  Anyway, in the mornings I have been working on more of my Christmas craft fair items downstairs.  So, while I can't share any new cards with you I will share a few pictures of these items.  :-)

Here we have some more pins made of Sculpey clay.  I love these polar bears and I may make more of them.

These pins should be pretty popular, I think.  Especially the gingerbread men.  I sold out last year.

These are my yarn trees.  I got this idea from Pinterest.  They used string though, and I didn't have any so I tried yarn.  It work well.  Try and imagine them with a tealight (battery operated) flickering at night.  They look very pretty.

Well, that's all I've got for now.  But I'm going to share with you a picture I took this past weekend when my family and I went to New River Beach, NB.  It was a beautiful day.  My son had a blast playing in the sand.

Wishing you all a fabulous day!

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