February 07, 2014

Something a Little Different, Continued....

Here's the next installment from my Mom's wedding scrapbook.  I've got four pages to share today.

Hope you liked them.  On another note, I'm sure you've noticed the change in the look of my blog.  What do you think?  Just thought it looked cleaner this way.  Even my blog is CAS!  LOL.  It's funny though, I noticed when I was on the laptop today that my background wasn't plain it was a picture which I didn't want.  Yet on the iPad it was just plain light grey.  Weird.  I changed it on the laptop so hopefully it's all fixed now.  :-). And tomorrow is the big birthday party for my son.  Lots of his classmates are coming so it should be a good time.  I'll take pictures of all the decorations I did and share them with you all later next week.

Well, that's all for now!  Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely day!


  1. Your layouts are so beautiful, Kim! What you are doing is a gift from the heart! I LOVE the new look of your blog!! Have fun at the party!! Hugs, Darnell

  2. Thanks for sharing more layouts! They are gorgeous! The other day I couldn't see them on my reader and didn't go directly on you blog. Speaking of blog - great new look! I can see the light grey background!


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