April 21, 2013

Festive Fridays "Retro" Card

So, today's card is for Festive Fridays challenge # 06.  It's a retro theme.  Now, there's a lot of different ways to interpret the term retro.  I always think of the different patterns and shapes that are always associated with retro.  I had the perfect paper to use for this challenge.  It was a designer series from Stampin' Up!  You can't get it anymore and I've been hoarding my last remaining pieces.  Who knew it was for this challenge?  :-).

I've had this card made for the past few days but have been unable to post it because we've been having some Internet problems.  I've got no access to email or Facebook and limited access to blogger and couldn't upload my picture easily.  It's has been annoying to say the least. It seems our router is toast so had to get a new one today and still trying to get it working.   Anyway, the cool retro shape the sentiment is on I hand drew and cut out myself.  The sentiment was embossed in white and is from Inkadinkado.  The snowflakes are from a package of confetti from Michaels and I added the rhinestones.  It's simple card but it seems to say retro to me.  Hope you all like it!

I actually have another card to share but its for a different challenge so I need to do a separate post.  So, I'll be back tomorrow.  Anyway, hope you all have a fabulous day!


  1. This is a really cool card, Kim! This shape can work with a lot of different cards - wow, you are onto something here! It could also work for a beach theme - so many possibilities....
    Oh no, no internet...how awful! Don't you hate computer problems.... Glad you got it working again!

  2. Ooooooooooooohhhhhh This rocks so much!!! Simple elegance and so Upper hipster retro!!! I must say I humbled to an "I'm so not worthy" moment.. I have the same set and was going to squeek out a retro poinsetta card from it.. we will see if I have the enrgy. Mostly this day has been heloing my ten year old pull all the itmes from under is bed out. Yes, it wook most of the day to sort and square it away. Well we went through all of his books too. Any hoo...

    Enough domestic goddess talk.

    You had this paper squirelled away and found it! I never can find the "just right piece" for exactl what I need.


  3. Part 2, and I am so tired I didn't spell check..oops.

  4. Love it! This truly looks "retro" to me...great job! :0)

  5. Kim, it's awesome!! I think it's the epitome of Retro!! I love the shape you cut out for your sentiment, and you're right, the papers were perfect to hoard for this challenge!

  6. Oh, gee whiz...I just realized I had not commented on this card...even though I absolutely LOVED it the first time around...commented...but pressed the wrong button, I guess...still no comment. Hope you don't get 2 from me. This is such an awesome card! That 'sign' is so creative, the papers a perfect 'retro' fit, and the colors...gorgeous and trendy! I just love it! Hope you'll forgive me for not commenting the first time around, Kim, cause this is certainly a stand out card!

  7. love that FAB, retro shape! great design!


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