April 05, 2013

Where all the magic happens....

So, I haven't been able to get into my craft room all week but this weekend my husband is going to give me some time and occupy our son so I can get crafty.  :-). What a great husband, eh?  Well, I thought that I would share with you some pictures of my craft area.  It is my secret "shame".   LOL.  I will admit it....I'm a messy artist.  I do clean, purge and organize every so often but it never seems to last.  Right now, my craft table is a sea of stamps, ink pads, embellishments, paper and all the other things that are so important to creating all my projects.  Le sigh.  Where are the craft fairies that clean up all the craft tables?  ;-).  Anyway, I thought these pictures might amuse you, my followers.  Or perhaps they'll make you feel better about your own messy areas.

Someday I may get my dream craft room but I'm pretty sure it'll be a mess most of the time too.  LOL.  Well, I'll leave you with this thought....

Oh boy, am I ever!!  LOL!!  Have a fabulous day everyone!


  1. Ha, ha, ha - love your sentiment! My craft room looks exactly like yours! Total mess.... my sister came by yesterday and suggested I should clean it up, but I just had!!!! Kind of......Have a great weekend!

  2. I have to laugh, Kim...this looks a LOT like mine. I tell myself my dream space wouldn't look this way, cuz, you know...a space for everything, right??? I'm like you...I don't think so...it's not in my blood! Thanks for your visit! When you get some time, I'm ready for another sweet Christmas creation!!!;)

  3. LOL! I am VERY creative too! My space is so messy Kim, it makes yours look pristine. My cat even comes in, tries to navigate the floor and table tops, get discouraged, gives up and leaves...after sharing her disdain through chomps and chews of various stamp packages before she goes. She makes me laugh! LOL


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