April 12, 2013

So confused...LOL.

So it's come to my attention that I may not have needed to get all worked up over the loss of the google reader.  Also the fact that my follower gadget I have is not the usual one everyone else uses and I actually looked and realized that is sooooo true!  What the heck?  How did I not realize this?  Also, where do I find the one everyone else has???   Is it a google + thing?  Although when I tested it it seemed to go to the same place everyone else's does.  Oh dear, I think I may need to take some of my blogging buddy's offered help.  LOL.  I think I'll still keep Bloglovin but I need to get the other gadget too.  So bear with me while I try and figure this all out!  :-)


So, I've been doing some research and it looks like the followers gadget I have is a smaller version of the other one everyone else has.  And it looks like that one isn't available anymore.  They actually removed it from the gadgets list.  So, don't know yet if this means it'll go away or if you have it already it'll still be there or what.  Still looking into that. In any case, my smaller version works just like the other one as it takes you to the page where you can follow publicly or privately.  I think the difference is it doesn't show how many followers I have or pictures.  Which I find a little annoying. :-)  Hopefully, it won't disappear too.  :-)  Anyways, I'll carry on my research and thank you all for being so patient!

****UPDATE #2****

I found it!!  I finally discovered the follower gadget everyone else has!  Oh joy!  :-). It's in the "more gadgets" section and its just labeled "followers" and described differently.  What an annoyance!  But happy day, I found it so its now there.  People can still use Bloglovin if they want.  :-).  Thanks for all your patience and to the great people that tried to help me!  :-)

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  1. Ha, well, shoot, Kim, I just sent you a long email on how to do it and now I see here that it's changed. Sorry about that! I do still have the old "follow by email" on my list of gadgets when I click "add a gadget," which is weird. Why would it be there if it weren't there, you know?

    In any event, you are absolutely right. I just clicked on your "follow" and it took me to the same pop-up. It even has my face now on your side bar; not sure if that only shows up temporarily. I'll click out and come back and see if I'm still there. If so, others will then follow.

    Hang in there! I still say you've done a fantastic job setting up your blog!


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