April 01, 2013

The Ugliest Card Ever

There's a blog hop going on over at The Card Yard and its all about your ugliest card.  I know I have many, many, many.......  Anyway, this card is not from too long ago.  Sometime last year, in fact.  I had this great idea and it just didn't turn out.  The image doesn't work with the background, I got too heavy handed with the sponging and the colours just look blah.  I really don't like this card at all.  I will never give it to anyone.  The funny thing is........I still have it.  LOL.  It's seems like a terrible thing to throw it out.  Well, here is the ugly thing.

Nope, still ugly.  LOL.  So, what's your ugliest card?

Have a fabulous day!


  1. Sounds exactly like my ugly card that the vision in my head isn't what is on the card!

  2. I have a whole pile of those - I don't trow them either, but I decided to perhaps reuse the paper on the other side....I think I can beat your ugly card easily with one of mine... Did you ever think about changing the center square to a different color? That might work and put more bold stamp on it - I think it can be rescued...the background is pretty!

  3. Thanks for sharing in the fun, Kim! It is pretty sponging on my monitor and great ribbon so maybe you are keeping it to "upcycle" it someday!

  4. thanks for joining in the hop today. Color-wise, it's very pretty. change a couple of things and it might be able to be rescued....maybe.

  5. Oh, Kim! I know how you feel, but I love the inking around the edges and the general shape of the card base! I tossed mine in the trash not long after I made it...you are a brave soul! I was too chicken to face mine again! Thanks for joining the hop!


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